Once upon a time ... three British ladies who sat in a circle with one medium and three Beings of Light who, attracted by the Light of their auras, came and started a cycle extraordinarily informative messages which triggered my spiritual awakening.

This is my tribute to all of them because I know that the many still sleeping and skeptical will see the beauty and the message of Light and Love contained in each of them.

Be at peace

I am no-one special. I am a curious, problem solving type who's strict upbringing in the Catholic community gave me the foundation of a service to others ethic and a resolve for justice and peace.

I guess that is why, when drawn to others who were able to see beyond the ordinary we were chosen to receive outstanding messages, and beyond that, to see the MESSENGERS

We had a talented medium who was able to 'move over' and let spiritual light beings use her voice.

We were told things that would freeze us with fear, and others that were so amazing we would literally be silent and gasping at the end of the sessions.

We did this for about 8 years off and on. Above all we were compelled to return nearly every Monday for another gruelling session that would ultimately wake us out of our comfortable slumber and start the process of truth, research and upliftment.

Even more astonishing was the fact that we saw three separate light beings distinct from each other. We tested each other to see if we were imagining them and named them 1, 2 and 3 in order of appearance in many tests. The numbers stuck and the transcriptions state thus. (The Beings of Light preferred this too, as when asked their names, they insisted that we wouldn't know them, and that numbers were fine).

I found a reference to our phenomenon in an ancient script. The Apochryphon of John.

(In the light I beheld a youth who stood beside me. Even as I looked he became like an old man, then like a servant. Yet there were not three before me, but one, with multiple forms appearing through each other as though transparent. He said to me, "John, John, why do you doubt? And why are you afraid? I am the one who is with you always. I am the Father. I am the Mother. I am the Son.")

Curiously, this is EXACTLY how we saw our B.O.L. Morphing and then settling into one familiar face. It makes you think about what was reported from ancient times, and who these ‘apparitions’ really were.

Ours when asked who they were, said: Alpha, Omega, Andromeda. Still makes me tingle to think of the possibilities!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012




26th August 2002

                                        No 3                                     

Last week we listened to the discussion about your visitor. There are two legs that support up your world. One is the scientific leg and the other is the religious leg.

I was wondering if you had thought about anything after his visit? You seemed to find his viewpoint very narrow. (We had a discussion with a priest who was very interested in what we do. He refused to accept what we saw was real. He thought she was demonic (the medium), and nothing we said has changed his mind).

You can understand that the scientific leg and the religious one can benefit each other if scientific minds can accept the spiritual aspect and if religions could accept the scientific aspects of certain things. Millions of people believe in religion. If you remove that leg they would be lost, they would have nothing to believe in. It would cause so much anxiety and concern especially when there are so many problems in your world. We will come back to that.

It takes so much time for us to come here, if you understand. Your atmosphere is so difficult to penetrate, it is so dark. Teaching is our job and we take pleasure and pride in it and we have chosen to do so. You, ladies, seem to be of good intelligence and one of your group is absent. ............

All aspects of the scientific side, many things are made up of neutrons and microns, so take part of your time to see and understand some of the scientific developments that you have in your world, in the plane of your world, if you understand. Unfortunately there are some instruments that have been developed in your country that are tiny and went astray, having done great havoc and destruction on - do you know them? Well, they exist.

You need to look and try to understand and learn a little more about this kind of scientific developments that are taking place, about which you know nearly nothing. For some reason, they have been kept secret. It becomes better known and widely publicized that there are some things that have been developed in the not too distant past, which are now in the wrong hands, and I'm not talking about the destruction of the great powers that have been used in the past to cause massive devastation. They are quite tiny instruments that could fall into the wrong hands. Watch and learn more about it. Their existence was detailed and impressive and you have access to some of this knowledge if you keep on searching. It will be at the scientific side with (unclear) ....... They were not built with that aim. They are the developing side/secondary effect of another experiment that was stumbled on by accident. I know that you, ladies, could not do anything about this information, so to speak. There is nowhere you could go and make a fuss about it or someone that will listen to you. But it may be a call of attention for you to know the things that are going on around you. You see, they are not normal things, they are man made. This is not what we want for you, this terrible destruction. All these things are due to man and to man's ability to destroy one another. We shudder on this but we cannot help and there is nothing we can do and it is not done by spirit. We see the distress that it causes, and it also causes us great distress. People should be encouraged to see the light. The leaders of the countries must be brought to reason and should understand. They seem to be oblivious about the distress they cause to civilians by their actions.

It is the power and the power games that are played on the Earth’s plane and  the great sufferer is people that is between ........................ my ladies, just being in the power and knowledge and understanding that you can perceive a little more about what is going on around you now, and in order you take time and find in places where you have books or you can even find it on your instruments of which you enter in contact with one another. You must understand that, my ladies, and I will leave you now with this message.
This was our first real contact. We did not really understood what was then told to  us . It is only now that the truth  and the enormity begins to dawn on us.

 I have only my translations in Portuguese because the original site was offline and it started  with the one dated 26th August 2002 translated by me on 22:04:2003. Now I am turning them into English that will be more correct then a translator machine. The owner of that site promised me to make the original English messages available as well as the audio of each séance. Maria Luísa de Vasconcellos


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