Once upon a time ... three British ladies who sat in a circle with one medium and three Beings of Light who, attracted by the Light of their auras, came and started a cycle extraordinarily informative messages which triggered my spiritual awakening.

This is my tribute to all of them because I know that the many still sleeping and skeptical will see the beauty and the message of Light and Love contained in each of them.

Be at peace

I am no-one special. I am a curious, problem solving type who's strict upbringing in the Catholic community gave me the foundation of a service to others ethic and a resolve for justice and peace.

I guess that is why, when drawn to others who were able to see beyond the ordinary we were chosen to receive outstanding messages, and beyond that, to see the MESSENGERS

We had a talented medium who was able to 'move over' and let spiritual light beings use her voice.

We were told things that would freeze us with fear, and others that were so amazing we would literally be silent and gasping at the end of the sessions.

We did this for about 8 years off and on. Above all we were compelled to return nearly every Monday for another gruelling session that would ultimately wake us out of our comfortable slumber and start the process of truth, research and upliftment.

Even more astonishing was the fact that we saw three separate light beings distinct from each other. We tested each other to see if we were imagining them and named them 1, 2 and 3 in order of appearance in many tests. The numbers stuck and the transcriptions state thus. (The Beings of Light preferred this too, as when asked their names, they insisted that we wouldn't know them, and that numbers were fine).

I found a reference to our phenomenon in an ancient script. The Apochryphon of John.

(In the light I beheld a youth who stood beside me. Even as I looked he became like an old man, then like a servant. Yet there were not three before me, but one, with multiple forms appearing through each other as though transparent. He said to me, "John, John, why do you doubt? And why are you afraid? I am the one who is with you always. I am the Father. I am the Mother. I am the Son.")

Curiously, this is EXACTLY how we saw our B.O.L. Morphing and then settling into one familiar face. It makes you think about what was reported from ancient times, and who these ‘apparitions’ really were.

Ours when asked who they were, said: Alpha, Omega, Andromeda. Still makes me tingle to think of the possibilities!


Friday, October 26, 2012


4th November 2002

No 3

It's nice to have all three together and your new friend is welcome. We have a small problem to get used to this new energy. It is a subtle energy, quite delicate and should blend nicely with what we already have. The male energy is rough and not so delicate. It is not his fault. He will find a place elsewhere and I am sure he has a lot to give. (A male member of our group left because he could not assimilate content. It was his decision).

I will continue looking for another dimension because we are trying to raise you from the third dimension. Let us try to move your light body, your etheric body to the ninth dimension. It is a very different thing and it is in this medium that we have to work. As we move forward, we hope to increase your enthusiasm to come and work with us. We have information to encourage you and we hope you enjoy the teachings that will take place. Maybe some of them are a little strange for you and you will have to wait because they do not come all at one sitting. We need to talk friendly with you and to flatter you. We must involve your with the Divine Light. Indeed you are, you are the Divine Light, you have the Divine Light within you, and SHINE and this is what attracts us to you.

About the other matter we spoke, you must not take your eyes off of what is happening in your country (England). They make things to distract you, I told you this before, and you should look away. At the same time, also you should look backwards. You will find it  difficult to do but you must. There are things happening that are not exactly as they seem. There are many hidden agendas and you should look and see where you can best help. I know you are limited in how you can help, but you have to put both feet forward and be bold enough to put your head out of the window. You can have it cut off my dear, but do not worry, we can fix it! (Laughs) Some things we CAN do. 

No, this is a serious matter! There are things that you must keep under your eyes and listen to them carefully, all these things that are happening. The skirmishes that are happening now are a lesser evil compared to what is being prepared. I have to bring it to light once again and I regret it. This is not done by us. We observe and we can do nothing. We observe and we wait. I have no information to give you at the moment, but we observe the situation, to see how things do evolve.

We know that this is being considered as I have told you before about this and you took note of what I have told you. It is very quiet at the moment but most of the time things are done quietly and in secret. Try the word GAMMA. Try it and see what it has to tell you. You already have  this information, but this is different and i is scientifically based. We hope to keep you alert, go cautiously. Some of the prophecies that have already been made and that we hope of course that they do not happen, but it is precisely to be conscious and bring the knowledge of these facts to others. Now they must have known this, I think it is very possible.

I'm leaving now my daughters, my ladies. God be with you. Go with Light and Love and thank you, my daughters.

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 I have only my translations in Portuguese because the original site was offline and it started  with the one dated 26th August 2002 translated by me on 22:04:2003. Now I am turning them into English that will be more correct then a translator machine. The owner of that site promised me to make the original messages available as well as the audio of each séance. Maria Luísa de Vasconcellos. 

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